Starting a YouTube channel

Rohan Büchner

Rohan Büchner / February 09, 2023


This has always been somewhat of a castle in the sky for me... but last year I kind of dipped my toes into YouTube, and this year I would like to give it a thorough bash.

Growing up I was always quite confident in speaking in public and taking part in things like toastmasters etc. but I have found as I got older, and focused more of my time on engineering, I naturally lost some of the natural ability to feel confident in front of larger audiences. That being said, I still feel this is one of my stronger skills, but not something I am comfortable with. My hope is to regain that comfort by taking on something in a larger public space.

To cut back to YouTube, I also have a personal channel where I have uploaded the odd guitar cover, but it's always pretty badly produced, with just a few takes of me playing a cover, with footage taken with my phone (propped up by whatever is within reach)... my initial want was to not do that 😂, if the end result is only me getting better at guitar cover videos, I'd be happy... but let's aim for the stars, because if we fail, perhaps we will still hit the moon.

Moving to Switzerland 🇨🇭 also provided another opportunity for me. Because my wife and my parent were still living in another country, YouTube could provide a means, of us keeping them involved in our lives, while allowing me some creative avenues to explore videography.

A few months later, and a few courses in FinalCutPro and some money thrown at Fiver (mainly for branding), I have something a little more pro. Not near the level as experienced as the real pros, but good enough that I feel like I can get into the swing of things.

This is just the beginning and I have a goal of hopefully being able to get to the holy 4000 subscribers mark, but that is quite far away.

The next set of skills any aspiring YouTube needs to pick up, is content planning, script writing, general video composition, SEO, and most importantly subscriber view retention... this is such a long road, but super enjoyable. I can highly recommend taking on that thing you've been scared of for ages, just do it, jump in fail, start again, try again, and look back at the journey. You won't regret it.

Ps. check out my little family channel if you have gotten this far ;)